Laura Marlin has no idea that her dream holiday to the Caribbean might cost her and everyone she loves their lives. But almost as soon as they board the luxury cruise ship mysteries begin to pile up and sinister events spiral out of control. When her uncle disappears, Laura, her best friend Tariq, and beloved husky Skye must play a deadly game with their enemies. Thousands of miles from home, face to face with pirates, a volcano and hungry sharks, their best hope of survival is the advice of a fictional detective and the help of disaster-prone Jimmy Gannet!

“A really enjoyable book...great for confident younger readers. It has just the right amount of action, friendship and danger to make it a compelling and exciting read.”

Liz De Jager, My Favourite Books

“This story has a timeless classic feel whilst at the same time not shying away from contemporary subject matter. Children will love and treasure these books as the series progresses.”

Lynda Waterhous, Awfully Big Blog Adventure

“'Lauren's books are brilliant. I'm always dying to know happens next. They are thrilling and told in such detail. I would highly recommend this book and all the others Lauren has written in the Laura Marlin Mysteries and White Giraffe series.'”

Clemmie Clements, Aged 9, The Sun

“My rating: 5 of 5 stars I have a little bit of a problem. I think I’m in love with this series. I thought Dead Man’s Cove was brilliant I’m genuinely pleased to report that Kidnap in the Caribbean is of a similar standard. And, before I get into this, I need to congratulate whoever is designing this series. The dustjacket for Kidnap in the Caribbean is utterly lovely. The second in the series of Laura Marlin adventures, Kidnap in the Caribbean is a fabulous read. You know it’s good when you just stop everything and just sit down and read solidly because you need to know what happens next. I love Laura, I really do. She’s making me remember the first few days I discovered Buffy. She’s a smart, intelligent heroine that you have no choice to root for because she’s such a brilliant character. She stands, and she fights for what she believes in and that’s a pleasure to read. I know I’m gushing a little (to be honest, following my Dead Man’s Cove review you should just be relieved I’ve found a synonym for brilliant) but you need to understand how rare this sort of book is. I have a female character that is a) not defined solely by her relationship to a boy and b)is independent, smart and brave. Add to that a James Bond-esque location, an awesome huskey sidekick and some heart-in-the-mouth moments, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a book. Kidnap in the Caribbean is brilliant. Ah. I was doing so well.”

DidYouEverStoptoThink Blog

A fast-paced, lively romp.

School Librarian

“A classic adventure.”


“The setting and the conservation theme may be utterly modern, but what we have here is, in essence, a good old-fashioned adventure story where villains are thoroughly bad and the heroes ensure they get their come-uppance after a series of breath-taking adventures and near-misses. A thoroughly good read.”

The Bookbag

“The Enid Blyton of our age...”

Amanda Craig, The Times

“An old fashioned adventure entirely without magic, the supernatural or parallel universes. And Laura's dog doesn't talk. How rare that now is.”

Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times

“Written in brief, fast-paced chapters, most of which end with a cliff hanger, this book lends itself to reading aloud to upper Junior school pupils. It would also provide exciting independent reading for any 8-11 year olds who enjoy detective novels or who are concerned about the oceans' endangered marine species. Laura Marlin fans who loved Dead Man's Cove and who have eagerly awaited the sequel will not be disappointed.”


“Another cracking adventure ... a page-turner with plenty of action and twists to keep young readers engaged.”


“Lauren St John interweaves so much ecological detail into her books and I have to say, for me, the 'Laura Marlin Mysteries' are amongst my favourite of her books. It's so often the case that adventures and mysteries become so plot led, and fast-paced that characterisation can suffer. This is definitely not the case in these books and the central relationship between Laura and Skye is very touching and evokes childhood incredibly well.”

Jake Hope